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Student mental health has reached a crisis point

40% of highschool students felt so depressed that they could not engage in academic activities for at least two weeks

Flagged risk alerts for student depression have seen a total increase of 194% over the last four years

33% of teenage girls seriously considered attempting suicide—up nearly 60% from this time a decade ago

A comprehensive approach to student wellness

Student Safety & Wellness Data


Student Safety & Wellness Data


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To Improve Student Safety & Wellness

Take Action

Boost the confidence and impact of your school's wellness initiatives

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Identify which students need your help now

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Optimize the impact of student services resources

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Analyze concerning student activity across email, documents, social media and web browsing

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Access multi-layer prevention and response solutions

Identify which students need your help now

Securly analyzes students' online activity, self-reporting and teacher observations to identify which students need help right now


Longest-learning student wellness AI integrates with human review to reduce false positives and non-critical alerts


Easily track cases from creation to resolution, and maintain accurate data and case records as students' wellness levels change or escalate

High Risk
With Thorough

With thorough and accurate risk assessment from our expert analysts, school personnel are notified within 5 minutes of a student being identified as extreme risk

Optimize the impact of your student services resources

From multi-layer prevention and response mechanisms, to real-time risk alerts and round-the-clock response, optimize the impact of your student services team - even when your resources are stretched thin

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Identify students in need of counseling earlier in their cycle

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Empower staff with real-time wellness data and reporting

Track and Record

Effortlessly track and record cases from creation to resolution

Improve Students

Improve students' life skills with preventative tools

Perfectly match your district's wellness needs

At Securly, we have an unwavering commitment to student safety, wellbeing and data privacy

Our comprehensive approach to student services is far from one-size-fits-all

We take the time to understand your district's unique wants and needs, supporting you in choosing the optimal range of solutions to maximize your potential to improve student wellness and, ultimately, save student lives

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Wellness Needs

It only takes one life to be saved in order to transform a district.
It only takes one awesome alert that gives that social worker, that gives that principal the ability to push in resources for them to go out and not be a compliant person, but be compelled to tell their story about the tools that they're using to protect all of their kids.
And that's exactly what Securly does.

Dr Dean Wilson Dr Dean Wilson

Director of Student Services of Utah's Uintah School District and Co-founder of You Got This (YGT), a youth suicide prevention organization

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