Cloud-based Apple device management
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MDM for schools
MDM for schools

Cloud-based mobile device management for iPads and other Apple devices. As an MDM for education, we’ve built every feature with your needs in mind. Our MDM for schools includes classroom device management tools to keep students on task.

Key advantages of MDM


We’re priced for tight school budgets.

MDM for education

Designed as mobile device management for schools, not corporate clients.

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Teacher controls

Share responsibility by giving teachers classroom-level iPad management.

Ease of use

We rely on our intuitive UI, not training and certifications.

Cloud MDM

It’s a cloud-based MDM, so no overloaded servers here.

Create an app approval process

When teachers need apps on their classroom devices, kick off your seamless evaluation process.

Set up your own app management workflow and streamline the experience, including defining the steps and who is responsible for them.

Teachers submit app requests using the App Store for the apps they need. The request then follows your custom workflow for evaluation and is approved or denied based on your criteria.

Everyone gets status notifications along the way, so teachers know right away when the app has been approved or denied or if more information is requested by the reviewer.

MDM for education

Securly Locker is an app for iPad and Mac provides a way to push content, weblinks, and self-service apps to students.

Give students the ability to pick and choose what to download from a pre-approved list of apps with our Self-Service App Installation.

Share lists of resources with students with ease. Create links to web sites, organize them into folders, then share with any group of students or devices for quick access.

Automatically distribute files to student devices. A built-in reader allows for common file formats to be shared with most device apps. Auto-expiration keeps files current and devices clean.

Classroom management

Teachers are in charge of their classrooms with Teacher Tools, including iPad management.

Launch an app or website on all student devices and lock students in. Web Lock for iOS lets you set Safari to remain on one or more sites, and disable everything else.

Teachers can get the classroom’s attention by freezing screens with a custom “heads-up” message. Teachers can then release individual students or the entire class.

Screen Layouts gives teachers a drag-and-drop interface to arrange apps on student home screens and iPad dock. Teachers can even choose custom wallpaper for each layout.

Apple MDM

Securly is listed on Apple’s “IT for Education” site. Our MDM supports the latest Apple technologies and offerings for iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS with same-day support for each OS release. We also integrate directly with Apple School Manager (ASM) and Apple Classroom.

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See MDM in action

See MDM in action

Try for 30 days
See MDM in action

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