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Teaching, the way it should be

Securly Classroom is designed to help teachers do what they do best: guide lessons, monitor student progress, and keep the focus on learning. Empower educators with simple tools that work seamlessly across Chrome, Windows, and Mac.


Seeing what students are doing on school-issued Chromebooks during instruction time is very beneficial. Having the capability of locking their screens to one URL is mind-blowing, especially for online test taking. Securly Classroom is a solution that our district will continue to utilize for years to come!

Denise DeJuliannie,

Eden Valley-Watkins School District

Key advantages of Classroom


Designed with school budgets in mind.

Easy to use

Uses existing Google login and automatically imported class rosters.

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Simple setup

Link your Google Admin account and push our extension for setup in minutes.

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Cross platform

Cloud-based classroom management for Chromebooks, Windows, and Macs.

Seamless integration

Sync with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, and OneRoster.

All environments
All environments

Designed for all 1:1 learning environments, including in-person, remote, or hybrid models.

Guide online classrooms

Start each lesson by pointing students to the right resources.

Teachers can easily push web pages to individual students or the entire class. Students are able to quickly get on task. For Google Classroom courses, coursework is conveniently available to share with students directly.

Teachers can share their desktop, an open tab, or application with one student or the whole class. Share audio to help remote students stay engaged with your lessons.

Teachers can use Screen Lock to freeze screens and get their class’s attention by sending a custom message, then be released for individuals or the entire class.

Keep students focused

Remove distractions from student devices.

Open specific web pages on student devices, blocking all others. It can be used for the whole class, specific groups, or individual students.

When a teacher is reviewing the list of all open tabs on a student's device, Tab Control allows them to select and close any tab on that device. On Windows devices, teachers can also close any active program.

Teachers can block specific websites for their classrooms, even sites allowed by the school’s content filter.

Cloud-based classroom monitoring

See all current online activity across all devices at a glance. Easily spot off-task students.

Provides a thumbnail view of all screens in the class so teachers can know that their students are engaged in classwork. Zoom in on any screen to see all open tabs. On Windows devices, see the entire desktop.

Teachers can check the browsing history of their students that occurred during class, while administrators can view all the history of all students.

An optional summary email can be received for each class including participating students, most accessed sites, and other info.

When Chromebooks leave campus, they may get lost or stolen. With Lost Mode, schools can locate missing Chromebooks on a map to help get them back where they belong.

Communicate directly with class

Teachers can send class-wide announcements or start chats with individual students. All teacher-student messages are logged and can be reviewed by the teacher or admins at any time.

When enabled, students are able to get the teacher’s attention or ask for help using this special alert that appears on the teacher’s device.

Teachers can easily send announcements to the entire class or individual students. Students must acknowledge messages before being able to continue working.

Private chat sessions between student and teacher can be enabled to directly ask questions or communicate sensitive issues or during quiet times.

Want to learn more about Securly Classroom?

Ensure students are focused, engaged, and connected so you can do what you do best

Want to learn more about Securly Classroom?

Want to learn more about Securly Classroom?

Ensure students are focused, engaged, and connected so you can do what you do best

Want to learn more about Securly Classroom?

Find out how Securly Classroom works with our product bundles to create end-to-end solutions.

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